Visa on-arrival/E-visa countries for Pakistani passport holders

A Pakistani passport holder requires a rigorous and extensive check before applying for a visa to certain prominent countries. It’s a headache I tell you and can be really frustrating at times owing to the fact that you have to compile & submit cluster of documents to embassies. I have seen people with strong desire to travel internationally but refusing to take this pain of arranging the required data for visa. However, did you know that there are certain countries where Pakistani citizens will be given visa upon arrival? Yes, you heard me right as you don’t have to go through the grueling process of applying for a visa in your region’s embassy and then wait for it. Additionally, I will also be jotting down names of countries that provide an E-visa facility. But first let me get to the difference between the two.

Visa on Arrival:

This type of visa will be granted to the passenger upon arrival in the country. Normally, countries that give visa-on-arrival facility has dedicated counters and separate lane on the airport to cater these type of customers. You go submit your valid documentation to the authority and get your passport stamped then and there. Voila, you are free to roam around their country until the visa validity.


Electronic visa can be obtained from the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet connection and certain requirements with their relevant attachments ready. The requirement list varies from country to country and is available on their websites. You will fill up your details online and can get your E-visa ready within a matter of days.
Now let me kill the suspense for you and list down those countries that gives your travel more freedom and liberty. I’ll also put up some external links of prominent countries in this blog below for your convenience that will redirect you to their website.
Countries that give Visa-on-arrival:


Countries that give E-visa facility:


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Start travelling. Start exploring. Put your empty passport pages to good use.

Happy travels to you all.

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