Travel essentials in a Foreign Land – Do’s and the Dont’s

Respect religion and avoid hate speech:

Really the first essential out of many essentials in my list below. Respect begets respect. Tie this quote with yourself & life will be less complicated. Never hurt or mock anyone’s sentiment or religion. You do not know your actions or words might trigger a huge trouble for you and your travel partners. This is the worst thing you could do being abroad. Avoid getting involved into any sort of hate or political discussions.

Know the rules:

Don’t break the rules. Be it on the road, hotel or the airport. The hoardings and sign boards are there for your own safety. Abide by them. Remember that you are representing your country being an ambassador. Be a responsible traveler. Do not litter places.

Different modes of money:

It is always advised to carry hard cash as well as plastic money. Do not keep all your currencies at one place. Using credit/debit cards can save you the hassle of carrying too much money but always consult your local bank about the foreign transaction charges. Know your budget and spend accordingly.

Over packing:

Why carry so much luggage when there are things that you could buy from abroad? Keep basic necessities & any must-have stuff that you think is important. Remember the lesser you pack, lesser the worry about luggage safety.

Not weighing the luggage:

What worst than paying extra $$ for luggage exceeding the allowed load? You end up buying an expensive ticket overall and all your efforts to find cheap tickets or a deal will go in vain. Study about the baggage rules and pack accordingly.

Tiring itinerary:

It is essential to divide and plan your days wisely. You should not find yourself at the airport or on the wheels every second day. Be flexible with your plans. Let the feeling of a place sink in. Overburdened travel is never recommended.

Not using safety vaults:

Good hotels always have safety vaults, either installed in the hotel lobby or in your hotel room. Use them to keep your precious belongings while going out. Make sure that the vault is immovable.

Copying important documents:

This is essential. Keep photocopies of your passport and other important documents. Carry your passport while going out or at least the copy of it. Make a set and it is advisable to do it while in your home country. Take print outs of just about everything.

Share travel itinerary with family:

I have seen many people neglecting this important point. Your family should know where you are staying and what exactly your plan is. Emergency or any catastrophe can hit you anytime. Here I also recommend buying travel insurance to be on a safer side.

Not living the moment:

There are certain places that need to be ‘SEEN’ and ‘FELT’ instead of being captured in the camera. Do not spend all your time in photography. Sit & stare at the nature. Try and absorb it. Relax yourself.

Unplanned trips:

These type of trips usually come out adventurous and can be really memorable. I personally sometimes plan things after reaching the destination but not without knowing anything at all and standing there with a blank face. Know the place and do your study if you are experienced enough to take this risk.
Not recommended for couples with kids specially.

Last minute check-in:

Keep track of your flight arrival/departure time and give yourself a spare hour at the airport lounge. Call your family and tell them you are coming home. It is recommended to pre-book your Uber for the airport timely.

Changing money at the airport:

It is an expensive way to kick off your trip. Money exchange at the airport usually don’t give good rates. Most favorable situation would be to carry the change and good amount of foreign currency from your home country in the pocket. There is a limit to minimum amount of cash you could carry at the airport while travelling. Inquire about the local rules relating to this.

Buying chargers and adaptErs:

This can be avoided. I have seen people paying hefty prices for chargers and accessories abroad. Ask at the hotel lobby/receptions. They normally do have chargers, connectors and converters. You can borrow from them.

Not buying local Sim card and data:

This is of paramount importance and really the first thing you should do after reaching. Buy a local sim with enough data to suffice your need for the whole trip. Use Google map and make good use of the technology. Always stay connected and float your new number where necessary.

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