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It was the month of January when I felt the need of having some off time from this daily rat race. Away from all the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city like Kuala-Lumpur. Langkawi is one perfect destination to fly to for relaxing. If anyone ever asks me to put Langkavi in one word, I would say ‘Serene’. A small town sustaining loads and loads of greenery in itself, Langkavi offers spellbinding water sports and other fun filled activities to every adventure seeker. I stayed here for 3nights without burdening the pockets by paying hefty prices for food, adventure or even accommodation. Prices are normally very reasonable in this part of the world. Interestingly, Langkawi has a duty-free status providing its tourists some great opportunities to shop. It hosts a vast array of elegant apparels, souvenirs, toothsome food and guess what? Lots of chocolate outlets to choose from. So basically chocolate lovers are in for a treat actually.

SkyCab Langkawi




I did a lot of research before deciding about the most appropriate place to stay in Langkawi and ended up booking a hotel at Pantai Cenang. In my personal opinion, choosing a place to stay in Langkawi is not much of an issue as it’s a small town with not much options to offer geographically. Some tourists pick Kuah which is more of a commercial spot and famous for its huge eagle statue, some opt for Pantai Cenang which is relatively a calm and serene area. Pantai Cenang is primarily a beach and it will be a huge injustice going further without writing how wonderful it is to spend evenings here in this town. Some delicious sea-food, shopping opportunities, and a lovely evening street walk on offer.

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Langkawi cable car:

The most appealing tourist attraction in Langkawi. If you have a valid driving license, you can rent a car or even a scooty/motorbike for as low as 25-30MYR instead of choosing packages from tour operators. I did the same and drove my way from Pantai Cenang to Kedah. Riding around in Langkavi was such a pleasant experience for me as the roads were clean, lush green forestation, mesmerizing mountain views coupled with cloudy skies. Sounds like a pure fairy-tale extraction, isn’t it? Well, no exaggerations about it really. You can cover maximum spots according to your ease and time availability, pit-stop at any location, take snaps or just relax.
The skycab ticket will cost you around 50-60MYR per head and Oh boy! I never came across such incredible man-made mastery and Excellency in witnessing the design and structure of this station. The views on your way above and sideways will totally leave you breathless. Islands are covered with extremely thick forests with literally no gaps between them. Reach the top and make your way to the spectacular Sky-bridge which is a 125m long suspended bridge hanging by a single pylon. Experience the clouds and exhilarating 360 degrees panoramic views of Langkavi. Everything about this place just brought me back to life, no wonder why travelling does wonders inside your body and soul. Stop contemplating too much, dare and embark yourself on this memorable ride to the clouds.

Skywalk Langkawi




Kilim Geoforest & Mangrove tour:

Book this tour as soon as you reach Langkavi. It’s a complete one day tour with lots of activities to offer. I was amazed to see the land diversification, stunning rock formations, wildlife, seascapes and beaches. It will be either a cruise or a boat taking you to all the spots. From seeing fish farms to literally feeding eagles and monkeys, your day will be filled with lots of excitement and activities. In accordance to the itinerary, you will be taken to dark bat caves, an open sea ride, fossil islands etc. Hunt for a good tour operator and don’t miss out on the chance of having a memorable lunch on one of the floating restaurants situated in these islands. Having done that, imagine if you’ve ever seen the all-famous Hollywood sign in LA, California or anything similar to that? If you haven’t then ask the tour guide to steer your boat towards Kilim Geoforest Park. Scattered with some fascinating rock formations, the letters KILIM GEOFOREST PARK reminded me of nothing but that Hollywood sign in LA. Our boat stayed there for couple of minutes as we seized all the beauty through camera lens.

Be a responsible traveler and never litter on such sites or anywhere really. Geo-sites of such level are the best thing on this planet and credit should be given to higher authorities and forestry department of Malaysia for preserving one of the world’s extra-ordinary and most diverse eco-system.

Kilim Geoforest Park

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