Things Smart Travellers Do At The Airport

Being negligent and careless at the airport can lead to undue stress upon you and can severely hamper the fun and excitement of your trip. Airport hassles can be avoided or let’s say mitigated by following the travel rule book and sticking to some basics. I have compiled some bullet points in this blog to help you in organizing your trip better.

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A smile begets smile:

Always keep your stuff organized and sorted out. Go with a clean head, authorities can random pick any passenger and perform a security check. Remain calm under all situations cause panicking never helps. Co-ordinate with them and take up any investigations or luggage-check with a smiling face.

Get a travel wallet:

travel wallet

A good traveler always buys a travel wallet where you could keep your important documents handy and ready all the time. Travel wallets have several compartments and you can conveniently save your passport, tickets, plastic money and even some currency in it. Instead of reaching out for your pockets every time or your bag, travel wallets can hugely assist you and save your precious time.

Carrying yourself at the airport:

airport detectors

Keep off all the metal things that you are carrying in your pockets before passing through metal detectors. Most importantly, don’t get into the hassle of re-wearing your belt every time you get yourself scanned, keep it handy until you have gone through all the metal detectors. Coins, mobile phones, laptop must be sent through a separate scanning belt. Additionally, don’t keep any sort of liquid, aerosols or spray bottles that exceed 150ml in your hand luggage. You may end up seeing them thrown brutally in a garbage bin. This restriction mainly applies on an international travel. Keeping such stuff in an unorganized manner can also cause damage to your luggage in case of any leakage.

Don’t forget tagging:

bag tagging

Tag something colorful or even a bright sticker to personalize your luggage. It could be a great hack and will be hassle-free in identifying your luggage once it’s out on the carousel. Eyes lit up yeah? That’s my bag.

Airline authorities might be irresponsible at times in correctly loading and unloading passenger baggage therefore keep the luggage tag saved with you as it is your only evidence in demanding for any compensation in case of a mishap.

Don’t Rush into things:

Don’t always try and rush into the plane when the boarding is announced. There are thin chances that the plane will leave without you if you have a boarding pass. Stay cool and avoid tiring yourself by waiting in long queues.

Locate your airport gate:

airport gate

Busy international airports around the world do toggle the gates very often. Keep track about all the announcements and flight information screens cause they may change from what has been printed on your boarding pass.  Saying it from my personal experience at Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul, Turkey. I nearly missed my flight that day due to some alterations in gates. Be watchful.


I’ll jot down more travel hacks for you in upcoming blog. Don’t forget subscribing below and dropping in your opinions & suggestions in the comments section. Happy travels everyone!

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