The theme behind:

Life was never meant to be lived between four walls, a cubicle or stuck in a routine you are not happy with. Neither was man ever destined to become just another cog of this grinding machine and getting stuck in this rat race that is called the modern society. It’s cliché but life is short and should be lived right now instead of waiting for the future. Every passing hour, minute and second washing away the precious moments of your life just like sand in your hand. A human is supposed to explore the vastness of the world, travel the lengths and breadths of this beautiful cradle what we call the earth to reveal the secrets that it holds. Abandoning voyages will never reveal what lies in the cards for us. So come along with me and let’s break these artificial barriers as I will take you for a journey to different parts of the world, share my travel destinations and experiences with you. Enjoy the colors of life and see my confrontation with nature through beautiful photographs, Vlogs and articles. The aim is to inspire the followers to get up and set off for a life changing trip. Watch this space as I’ll be looking forward to establish a community of like-minded people who share the same preferences and give that little "nudge" to people who are waiting for some external motivations. For me ‘Today is a good day to learn & travel’.